Central New York Bed & Breakfast Association

Leatherstocking Area Central New York

Serving The Upstate Central NY Region

(Mohawk Valley, Adirondack Foothills, Leatherstocking and Cooperstown Areas.)

Leatherstocking Area Central New York


aka "Beds Along the Mohawk.com and CNYBB.com"


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Membership Information:



 Revised October 03, 2011, reviewed, voted on and approved.

( Name Change Voted on March 16, 2003 )

These By-laws supersede all previous revisions.



Article I



The name of the organization shall be the "CENTRAL NEW YORK BED & BREAKFAST ASSOCIATION". It is referred to as “THE ASSOCIATION” in this document.


Article II

Mission Statement


   The Central New York Bed & Breakfast Association has been founded for the support of Bed and Breakfast owners of the Central New York, Mohawk Valley, Leatherstocking regions of the State of New York. A Bed and Breakfast or Inn is a business for the rental of rooms in a private residence, hosted by the owner (s), with rates that include breakfast.


Article III


 1.   We have two levels of membership.


A. Full Member - Comprised of those hosts who operate a Bed and Breakfast or Inn and meet the standards of the association.


B. Associate Member - These are comprised of allied businesses, i.e. Banks, Restaurants, Shopping Areas, Attractions, etc. Membership is a promotional opportunity for allied businesses to receive exposure and assistance in answering the frequent B&B guest's question, "Where is a good place to eat, shop, get gas, use an ATM, or visit local attractions?" Membership shall not, imply in any way, an endorsement of their products or services.


2. The dues for annual membership shall be set by the board and voted on by the members. Dues shall be paid upon membership acceptance and thereafter annually by December 31st.


Article IV

Promotional Services


1.  The Association shall maintain a Website ( www.cnybb.com ) for the benefit of all Association Members, the expenses of which shall be borne by the Association for the benefit of all its members.


2.  The Association will, on a continual basis, strive for new and varied avenues for advertising and marketing that will benefit all members. Dues shall be used for the maintenance of a website and specific advertising and marketing undertakings which benefit all members.


Article V




1.     The Officers of the association shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Officers will be elected by the current Full Members of the Association. The term of office for the Officer's will be two years beginning January 1. A member may be removed from office by a vote of the membership. Notification of this meeting will be given at least two weeks in advance. 


2.     The Executive Board shall consist of the Elected Officers, Past President and Appointed Members if any. At the discretion of the Current Leadership, other members may be appointed to serve on the Executive Board from time to time.


3.     Should an Officer be unable to complete the term of office, the Board shall elect a member to fill the vacant term.


Article VI

1.     The Fiscal year shall be January 1st through December 31st..


2.     Meetings may be called at the discretion of any Full Member after notifying the Officers.


4.     The Executive Board shall meet as needed.


Article VII


1.      Only Full Members, in good standing, shall have the right to cast one vote per Bed and Breakfast establishment.


2.     A quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the association shall consist of those members present who are eligible to vote.


 Article VIII

Standards – Full Membership



1.     Full Members of the Association must comply with all federal, state, and local licensing as a Bed and Breakfast establishment. These include:

a.     Zoning Codes

b.     Codes and regulations of the State Health Department where applicable.

c.     State fire and Safety Regulations.

2.     Full Members must file a notarized DBA ( Doing Business As …) with their county clerk and bank.


3.     Full Members are required to collect and pay state sales tax, and occupancy tax where required.


4.     Full Members are required to carry adequate liability insurance.


6.     Full Members are required to submit a signed "Standards Compliance Form", each year verifying the said business is currently in compliance with zoning, health and fire codes. A signed copy of this form will be kept on file by the Association.


7.     Although CNYBB strives to ensure that member Bed & Breakfast as well as Inns adhere to the Industry Standards, as well as the "By-Laws and Guidelines of the Central New York Breakfast Association" CNYBB cannot accept responsibility for the actions, conditions or rate changes experienced by any guest at any CNYBB member Inn or Bed & Breakfast. The "CNYBB.com" website or "Beds Along the Mohawk.com" are not responsible for off-site content.


 Article IX

Amendments to the By-Laws


Proposed Amendments shall be referred to the By-Laws Committee for drafting in final form. They shall then be submitted in writing to the membership at least two weeks prior to the next association meeting. Voting for adoption shall take place at that meeting with a two-thirds majority of those members present who are eligible to vote.



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