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Standards of CNYBB Member Bed and Breakfasts


·    Conforms to definition of current CNYBB by-laws.

·    The CNYBB member verifies that their business is in compliance with New York State Laws, rules and regulations concerning the owning and operating of a Bed & Breakfast business.  It also verifies that said business is in compliance with New York State & local building (zoning), fire and health codes and has obtained a Certificate of Occupancy or other certification, to conduct said business. (Please review NYS Residential Code of New York State #AJ701 thru #AJ704. Local Codes are also involved!)

1.  Has 2 to 5 guest bedrooms which hold no more than 10 guests (#AJ704.1&.2 & Section AJ202)

( If establishment has more than 5 bedrooms/10 Guests – there are additional NYS & Health Dept. regs.)

2.  In-line Smoke Detectors are installed in bedrooms, common & dining areas (#AJ703.1 & .2)

3.  Emergency exit route maps are displayed in every bedroom (#AJ704.3.2 & FC Section 404.2)

4.  Fire extinguishers are installed in living areas (FC Sect. 906 & may also be required by Ins. Co)

5.  There are working CO² Detectors on premises (#AJ703.2)

6.  2nd floor bedrooms more than 14’ from grade must provide fire escapes for each bedroom (#AJ704.4)

7.  A portable escape device for each guest room - recommended (Article 18: 1997 Exec. Law 378(12)

8.  Lighted exit signs/Emergency exit lighting  (State recommended - Local Codes & Ins. Co. may  require)


·        Signage in conformance with local zoning codes.

·        Paint, shrubbery and grounds well maintained.

·        Entrances well lit.

·      Walkways safe, providing good footing, well-lit, free of snow and ice in winter.

·      Parking convenient and adequate. 


·        All spaces well maintained, free of dirt, dust and clutter.

·        Pleasant aroma.

·        Furnishings in good condition


·      Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers placed in compliance with fire codes.

·      A least one carbon monoxide detector in or near sleeping area.

·      Emergency exits posted (layout map of house) in each guest room.

·      Flashlights with fresh batteries in each guest room.

·      Emergency telephone numbers posted by each phone.

·      Information given on how to reach innkeeper in emergency.

·      Welcome letter giving “need to know” information. 


·        For extended stays, linens changed every third day.

·        Linens changed after each guest stay.

·        Trash containers emptied daily.

·        Must have adequate space to move about.

·        Storage - hanging and drawer space available.

·        No family or personal belongings stored in guest rooms.

·        Firm, good quality mattresses covered with mattress pads.

·     Good quality pillows, choice of firm or soft, man-made or Fiber filled as alternative to feather or down.

·      Bed linens at least 200 count percale.

·      Blankets, spreads and comforters fresh and clean.

·      At least 75-100 watt light bulbs; lamps placed for comfor­table reading.

·     Cots and Rolla ways may be available for temporary use, but not included in permanent room setup.

·      Comfortable chairs for guests.

·      Electric outlets and mirrors for personal grooming, especially in rooms with shared baths.

·        Heat, air-conditioning or fans available in each guest room.

·        Screens available for windows that open.


·        Floors clean and free of stains. Fixtures should shine.

·        Tubs, shower stalls, walls and floors free of water stains and mineral deposits.

·        Ample hot water supply.

·        Bright illumination at sinks and mirrors; grounded electrical outlets.

·        Privacy locks, especially in shared baths.

·        Non—skid surfaces for tubs and showers, or rubber mats.

·        One bath towel, one hand towel and one face cloth per guest.

·        Towels changed daily.

·        Bathroom cleaned daily.

·        In view of guests: waste basket, nose and toilet tissue, disposable cups or glasses, fresh, wrapped soaps, cloth after-bath mat.

·        Toilet seats immaculate and tightly anchored.


  • Included in room rate.

  • Kitchen clean and well-maintained.

  • Food preparation surfaces cleaned and disinfected daily.

  • Breakfast includes at a minimum a hot beverage, fruit juice, cereal, pastry or bread and may include fruit and hot entrees.


  • Certificate for collecting NY sales tax, and county bed tax if applicable.

·   Adequate insurance to cover business activities.

·   Guest registration book.

·   Advance registration/record book.

·   Business checking account.

·   Bookkeeping including record of expenses and deposits.


  • Rates commensurate with comparable accommodations in region.

  • Relationships with other B&B owners polite, cooperative and friendly.

·   Policies on pets, children, parking, cancellations, check-in and out included in brochure or guest correspondence.

·   Complaints handled quickly courteously and with a spirit of cooperation.

·   Frequent complaints and/or lack of cooperation may be grounds for disaffiliation.

Download the current Full Membership Yearly Standards Form.
This Form is required to be sent with your new/renewal  membership application and fee.
 Form is in PDF file format ( Adobe Reader )

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